03 Oct

How to use Outside Advisors

As a family business grows, it is highly likely that it may eventually need and seek the counsel of outside professionals with specialized expertise. Few businesses get too far in the world without engaging an attorney, financial planner, or accountant, for example, at some point. This...

22 Feb

Managing Conflict in the Family Firm

Historians say that the costliest of all human conflict is civil war. When brother picks up arms against brother, there are no winners. A family business can inherently be a combative environment to operate within. Anyone who has ever sat at a Thanksgiving dinner probably has...

25 Jan

Succession – Are You Ready?

The old adage says that death and taxes are the only certainties in life. This is very much apparent for family businesses. The prospect of neither is pleasant – neither can be avoided. It can be very uncomfortable to raise issues of aging and mortality with...

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